Retail Security

Security Guard at a retail

Retail Security Service For All Retailers

We are dedicated to providing retail Businesses and their customers a safe business and safe shopping experience.

We start our business partnership with retailer on a uniquely design security for their needs, requirements, and expectations. Our team of supervisors work with your retail managers to minimize the loss, deter any criminal activity in and around your business.

At SP Security Guards, We make sure our team is current with their training. We also make sure our officers are alert on all local or national threats, and crime season so this way they can deter any wrong doing. We put shield to any and all risk that retailers face each day. We can put in place an effective retail security service in Arizona

Some Tips on Theft Prevention:

  • Tell your employees to be the first to greet anyone walking in the business
  • Always be ready to find and assist customers anywhere you see them
  • Make eye contact with customers that are shopping on their own
  • Post employees in different zones to keep an eye so nothing is left unnoticed
  • For big stores whether you have security at the premises or not just make fake announcements such as “security to ail 6”

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