Who We Are

Arizona Security Service is a Private Security Service Provider

                   DBA SP Security Guard Service

 We are a professional security company who do business under the name Silent Protection LLC, also known as “SP SECURITY”. we have this site to run a blog on our services and same time be visible to our future clients. Our association is with www.spsecurityguards.com together our goal is to provide top notch security services to our clients, with a professional staff and uncompromising service.

 We understand as a business your time and money are valuable to you. We are proud to say our team of managers are trained to provide our clients with a customized security proposal that is a real fit to our client’s particular needs, this will save you time and money.

“We always hear that we already have Security Provider or we have in house Officer”

We have a different take for our potential clients, we think our professionally trained  officers, our high standard for excellence from each and every one of our officers and professional interaction with your customer or general public at your facility. We promise you will realize you were just getting by with your in house officer service!

We also think that by hiring a private security service provider as opposed to in house officers will add a level of safety because all officers are required by the Arizona State Law to have all officers go through training, go through background investigations, certifications and licensing, in the other hand in house security guards are NOT!

More benefits for hiring a licensed private security company that you don’t have to worry about background checks, payroll, uniform, and other fees, you only pay one rate and we take care of the rest.

“We used a Security Provider that really disappointed us”

Many businesses today have this problem with their Security Companies, unfortunately “Big Corporation Security Companies” do not take measures to apply that personal touch that comes with local security companies, and this leaves businesses with a bad taste for for all.

 Arizona Security Services have serious customer service focus.  Most of our  officers reside in the same community as the security company that they work in; so they take their job serious with the intention of stopping any wrong doing in the society. Furthermore, our managers and supervisors are available to resolve a situation to your satisfaction.